Our Community.

Being a part of the LGBTQ community has gotten harder in the last year for so many of us. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety or conflict in your life then I offer a safe, supportive space for you. 

Our work will be designed to fit your life and to focus on those things that really matter to you.  

Schedule a free consultation below so that I can hear your story and you can decide what works for you. And you can call or text me at 316-302-4453.


Family Services

Do you have a family member who is lesbian, gay, transgender, gender nonconforming, questioning, queer or in any of the "letters"?

It's not always easy for family and friends to support someone when that person identifies in a way they don't understand. Families can learn to support each other while respecting each person's unique point of view.

I offer a place where all persons are respected, listened to, and supported. 

Gender Identity services

Gender Identity services