Lori Haas, MSFT, LMFTT

It all started when...

I went through some very tough things and decided to go to therapy. I found therapy a safe place to put my stuff out on the table and figure it out. Because I have been a client (and I still go to therapy), I get how hard it can be to sit on that couch and be vulnerable. I also know the incredible, life-changing benefits of therapy. 

I became a therapist to give others a safe place to be who they really are, get the life they want, and to receive peace and love. 


I see therapy as being like climbing a mountain. You are climbing your mountain and I am climbing mine. I can see things over on your mountain that you can't see. I can point out alternate routes or how to use your climbing tools more effectively. I am not at the top of the mountain with it all figured out. I am climbing with you on my own mountain. Working with me can help you to climb more easily and to enjoy the journey more.