• Do you feel like you don't fit in anywhere?

  • Does it seem like no one knows who you really are?

  • Are you worried about what will happen if you decide to transition? Will you be happier?

  • Do you need a plan for coming out to your significant other, your kids, or at work?

If your gender identity doesn't match your body it can be really stressful and cause you lots of anxiety. You can learn how to be more authentically you in the world. Because I have a transgender spouse, I understand much of what you might be going through in your daily life. I am here to help you on your journey with support and resources.

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Coming Out

Are you coming out as transgender or gender nonconforming? As you know, this isn't a one-time event. You can decide who to share your gender identity with and when. Let me help you with a plan to begin or continue your transition. 

Trans Couples Therapy

Are you in a relationship with someone whose gender is different from the body they were born in? You may feel betrayed, confused, or just plain terrified. 

I have a transgender spouse, so I know very well that this can be a unique relationship. I am here to support both of you, as you define what you want your relationship to be and figure out how to walk this journey together.

Letter Assessments

You may need a letter from a therapist to obtain medical treatment or have a letter to carry with you while traveling.

If you are looking for an assessment to obtain a letter, but are not interested in therapy at this time, I can provide a simple assessment without a requirement to attend therapy sessions.

Call me at 316.302.4453 or schedule an assessment now.